Here are testimonials from authors who attended previous UBUbiz events!


“I was floored by how well Nori organized BookItCon. It was one of the best first year book events I’ve been to—and one of the best-organized book events overall. From making the authors feel welcome to the event publicity, she didn’t miss a step anywhere. Her communication was terrific, and I think all the authors and readers genuinely had a great time. I know I did! Knowing the proceeds were going to a great cause made it even better. I’m so happy and honored to have been included!”
~Martina Boone, author of Compulsion and the Heirs of Watson Island trilogy


“As a first-year BookItCon author, I will definitely be back. This event was well run, organized, and attended. Plus, it benefitted a school library. (Always a way to get to my heart.) I can’t wait to see what future BookItCon events bring!”
~Jodi Meadows, author of Newsoul (Incarnate) trilogy and The Orphan Queen duology


“Bookitcon is not only a great event for the event attendees but it’s also an incredible opportunity for the authors. Beyond being able to connect to a great cause, it gives you an opportunity to connect to the people who love your books. It’s an incredible feeling when you meet someone who values your story as much as you do, it lets you know that you’ve done your job. Bookitcon gives authors a chance to get the validation we all seek for in our work.”
~Jenni Fink, author of Sentenced for Life

“Attending & being part of BookItCon 2015 was one of the highlights of my summer. I loved meeting other authors, bloggers and readers. I had fun during the signings and the VIP dinner was awesome. The food, games and socializing was a great way to end the day. I highly recommend attending BookItCon. It was a great experience (my first book event!) & I LOVED going home with all the books I’d bought and had signed by the authors!”

-Ami Allen-Vath, author of Liars and Losers Like Us

“Bookitcon gives authors, bloggers, and readers a great chance to meet and get to know each other in a more intimate setting than most book festivals and conventions offer. I’ve participated twice, and I hope to come back next year!”

~Kathryn Holmes, author of How it Feels to Fly


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