UBUbiz is currently looking for sponsors and donations for Bookitcon: Chapter Two!

If interested in being a sponsor, please email Nori at: nori@UBUbiz.com


Thank you to all of our 2015 sponsors!!!

Company/Family Sponsor List:
Happy Hippo | Novel Heartbeat | Oi Kam Acheson | The Cubby Hole | The O’Donnell Family

Author Sponsor List:
Aimee Agresti | Charlotte Huang | Cheyanne Young | Cyn Balog | Ellen Datlow | Emma McLaughlin | Eric Smith | Erin Bowman | Holly Bodger | Jen Brooks | Jennifer E. Smith | Kara Braden | Kate Karyus Quinn | Katie Cotugno | K.T. Literary |  Lindsay Ribar | Lori Goldstein | Mackenzi Lee | Marcy Beller Paul | Nicola Kraus | Page Morgan | Rachael Allen | Robin Talley | Sandra Waugh | Sandy Hall | Sara Raasch | Sarah McGuire | Stephanie Diaz | Susan Ee




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